Opportunity for hubs to connect across Europe

Opportunity for hubs to connect across Europe

A creative hub is a physical or virtual space that brings creative people together. A site for artists, musicians, designers, filmmakers, app developers and start-up entrepreneurs to network, develop business ideas and create community in the creative, cultural and tech sectors.

Creative hubs come in all different shapes and sizes, and can be described in many different ways – collectives, co-operatives, labs, incubators and can be static, mobile or online.

The second European Creative Hubs Forum: syn-

Bios and the consortium partners of the European Creative Hubs Network are pleased to announce the network’s second forum.

Following an inspiring and fruitful first forum in Belgrade, the second will once again facilitate exchange between more than 100 hubs across Europe, helping the network to grow.

The theme of the second forum is growth. Through a diverse programme of plenary meetings, workshops, and showcases, the forum will explore questions about what it means to grow and how growth can be achieved. How do we grow traditional business models? How do we expand the boundaries of creative industries? How do we contribute to local economic growth? How do we incorporate the micro – creative individuals working in local economies – into the macro – groups of creative people working nationally or internationally? 

The forum is taking place at Romantso Creative Hub and Cultural Centre between 26 and 28 January 2017, in Athens, Greece.

The partıcıpants

  • Bager Akbay, Iskele 47
  • Beyza Baran, EU Protelye
  • Merve Akdağ Öner, Şehrine Ses Ver 

the bıographıes of the partıcıpants

Bager Akbay, Iskele 47

Bager Akbay, born in 1976 in Istanbul, studied Visual Communication Design at Yildiz Technical University and Interface Cultures at Linz University of Arts. Bager was an actor and a puppeteer in Dark Theatre, Istanbul, has been worked as a lecturer for 10 years in his field, and eager to live his life between art and science as an experimentalist. Bager Akbay is currently teaching Interactive Media at different universities, and working on his art projects in a shared atelier called iskele47.

Iskele47, is a multidisciplinary space based on Yeldegirmeni, Istanbul. It consists of companies and NGOs embracing new technologies and arts. The space is also used for educational workshops and as a hub for creative project/business models. Residents of Iskele47 are well-known for their unconventional projects. The space is mainly focused on local & social impact. 

Beyza Baran, EU Protelye

Beyza Baran is an expert in the Intellectual Property Rights and Licensing department at EU EBILTEM-TTO and senior designer at EU PROTELYE Design Centre. She graduated from Izmir University of Economic as an Industrial Designer in 2010 and is the Vice Chairman at Industrial Design Society of Turkey. She is co-founder of Remoris Oral Health Technologies start-up.

 “PROTELYE Design Centre” has been established aiming to enhance innovation and design/prototyping capacity of the academic maker community. It has a research and innovation approach to design and it facilitates the commercial production of IP-based novel products. Since it has been planned as a complementary unit to IP and licensing unit and dealing with for commercialization of IP-based technologies, it provides a wide spectrum of services, jointly with EBILTEM-TTO, for academia, individual entrepreneurs, students, inventors and industry.  PROTELYE Design Centre consists of a fully equipped workshop devised for industrial design, modelling and prototyping of novel products and its designer team provide services throughout the design process. When the final design is obtained, EBILTEM-TTO IPR and Licensing department assists with the protection of the IP, applying for protection either as a patent  or registration of design rights.

Merve Akdağ Öner, Şehrine Ses Ver

Merve Akdag Öner was born in Erzincan in 1985. She holds Bachelors degree in Architecture from Istanbul Technical University and also studied in Germany as an Erasmus student. She has attended international workshops and studies since university. She has worked at Cengiz Bektas Office and SANALarc as an architect and project coordinator. She is the founder of Sehrine Ses Ver (Give Sound to Your City), a social enterprise working on interdisciplinary studies about urban productions. She is interested in interdisciplinary urban research, architectural design and construction projects.

Give Sound to Your City (Şehrine Ses Ver) is a social design enterprise, working to create and spread collaborative production in the public spaces. They  work for the creation of liveable cities and a productive society. For the project, “design” is used as an instrument for societal transformation and awareness. In this perspective, Give Sound to Your City is a social entrepreneurship project that designs products yielded with shared wisdom. 

In the perspective of the cities’ and societies’ contemporary needs and evolution  processes, Give Sound to Your City cares about three main topics; discovering and maintaining local potentials, characteristics, increasing social communication and awareness, creating solutions  through common language and reasoning. For this aim, they bring together the aspirant people from different backgrounds and disciplines in a creative environment and build up a network of stakeholders. Their goal is to combine the underlining concepts of the city, “dialogue” and “production”, with innovative designs performed at public spaces through interdisciplinary means and local connections. They received the prizes of The Young Social Entrepreneur Award in Turkey in 2014 and Sabancı Foundation 'Turkey's Changemakers' award in 2016/2017.