Mix the City İstanbul

Mix the City İstanbul is an interactive online musical experience, enabling people around the world to discover the rich, diversity of Turkish music and gain a greater understanding of Turkey's megalopolis, İstanbul.

Youtube artist Kutiman has collaborated with Flying Object, a leading UK creative agency, Roll Studio, a digital production company, and 14 musicians living in İstanbul to create an interactive music video platform.

The project invites people all over the world to create their own interpretation of İstanbul. Kutiman has recorded a short video of musicians representing the diverse voices and sounds of İstanbul. Flying Object have taken clips of these musicians and created a beautiful, simple and intuitive platform which allows users to remix and share their music. 

From anywhere in the world, people will be able to remix these recordings using their mobile, tablet or desktop, and create their own music video which can be shared on social media. Users do not require any prior knowledge of music making – the platform easy to use.

Make your own music now at www.mixthecity.com/istanbul and create the music of the city.