a. Medium Sites

  • Intersections, exploring exciting and emerging creative trends and ideas across art and digital culture in the UK.
  • ATÖLYE Insights inform readers on ATÖLYE's vision, values and strategy - all the factors which have driven them and their projects since ATÖLYE was first established in 2013.

b. Toolkits

If you’re a creative person who is looking to start their own business, then this guide can help. The Creative Enterprise Toolkit provides you with a framework for the development of a business plan by exploring your idea and creating a business model that best suits your hopes and motivations.

The Creative HubKit is a free toolkit for people looking to set up a hub, containing examples of best practices, helpful advice, and tried and tested approaches from some of the most successful hubs in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The Art of Hacking is an introductory guide to hack events for the cultural sector. It examines some of the main forms of culture hacks, offering advice on the potential benefits to individuals and organisations, the different approaches to engaging with various communities, and the creation of the right environment. It details some of the essential ingredients that are required for success, and explains the rationale behind the more common approaches. 

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