A dynamic ecosystem of creative hubs and communities has developed over the last five years in Turkey. These essays by leading creative industries professionals help us to better understand the diverse value, processes and motivations of creative hubs and in doing so, analyse how best to support and stimulate the wider creative economy they are rooted in.

Sharing Economy; Design of A Behavior - Faruk Göksu

Faruk Göksu; Co-founder of TAK and Vision Atelier

“When developing new economic models, we should understand that strong implementation happens when a strong behavior is designed.” Read the article here

The Importance of Collaborative Spaces - Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan

Ass. Prof. Dr. Gökçe Dervişoğlu Okandan; Istanbul Bilgi University, Cultural Management Graduate Program

"With the raising importance information technologies and emergence of connectedness, the term “co-creation” has become an important issue for innovation thus economic growth." Read the article here.

Diminished Pleasures of Engagement and Experience - Selçuk Artut

Selçuk Artut; Academician, Sound and Interactive Designer, Musician

“Today people have an opportunity to choose and filter their information intake by their own decisions and preferences. As a consequence some groups treated themselves as makers that is a term became popular on describing making things without relying on mass production systems. So how does makers differentiate than the traditional craftspeople?” Read the article here.

Design and Pathos - Koray Malhan

Koray Malhan; Brand and Design Director of Koleksiyon

“The creative faculty of the human mind sheds light on how we communicate through language, music, art and all our societal behaviour.” Read the article here.

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