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!f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival 2016

!f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival

!f Istanbul International Independent Film Festival was founded in 2002 and every February and March, it hosts some 80,000 film buffs and celebrated filmmakers from around the world.

Dedicated to showcasing the best in contemporary film, !f believes that the shared experience of cinema is a form of activism that has the power to connect people across borders and boundaries of all description. The festival is curated and based on thematic sections, some of which change every year to reflect issues that are gripping the world's - and filmmakers'- imagination. Through !f ², a ground-breaking alternative film distribution and sharing project, !f shares the festival spirit with more than 30 cities in Turkey and neighbouring countries.

On this festival edition, British Council has supported the screenings and public of acclaimed British filmmakers Adam Curtis, Grant Gee and Nic Knowland. The festival will be run between 18-28 February. 

Adam Curtis: Strange Moods of Our Time / A Screening and a Conversation

24 February 2016 (15:00 - 18:30) DEPO

Screening: The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear, 180’

Director: Adam Curtis

Language: English (Turkish Subtitles)

Screening Time: 15:00–18:30

Conversation Time: 19:00–20:00

Language: English (Turkish Simultaneous Translation)

Participant: Adam Curtis

“I want to try to make people look at things they think they know about in a new way.”

Since the early 1990s, Adam Curtis has made critically acclaimed documentary series for the BBC, drawing from the vast material in the BBC owned repository. By rearranging them in an entirely unique, truly original fashion, Curtis claimed that our desires and fears are not simple manifestations of individual need, but products of history, power, and politics. It’s simply an overarching history of the 20th century giving birth to new systems to disseminate and control power. From The Power of Nightmares to The Century of the Self, Curtis always playfully mixed the techniques of media, documentary and TV journalism and created a genre and style of his own to tell the stories of our time. In 2015, Adam Curtis released Bitter Lake where he discusses the west’s terrible arrogance and involvement in Afghanistan drawing many parallels to contemporary issues that are in play in the Middle East now. As a special guest of the festival Adam Curtis will give a small talk where he will be exploring the issues of power, media and politics as well as some of the recent topics he has been working on. Before his talk, there will be a screening of The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear.

Participant(s): Adam Curtis

Moderator(s): Pelin Turgut

Language: English (Turkish Simultaneous Translation), English (Turkish Subtitles)

In Conversation: Grant Gee and Orhan Pamuk on Storytelling, Film and Istanbul

27 February 2016 (17:00 - 18:00) Cinemaximum Kanyon Salon 9

Like many people, director Grant Gee read Orhan Pamuk on his first visit to Istanbul. A short while later he heard of the Museum of Innocence, a museum in Istanbul that houses real objects that trace the fictional love affair described in the novel of the same name, both of which are Pamuk’s creations. Thus inspired, Gee weaves documentary essay, fact and fiction into a thoughtful film whose main characters include fictional ones from the novel, the museum, and Orhan Pamuk himself. The film includes an original narration written by Pamuk. In this talk, Gee and Pamuk discuss the process of their collaboration and the unique challenges and pleasures of being inspired by The Museum of Innocence (both the novel and the museum) as a starting point for a film.

Participant(s): Orhan Pamuk, Grant Gee

Language: English (Turkish Simultaneous Translation)

Nic Knowland: House Made of Light

23 February 2016 (17:00 - 18:00) DEPO

“As she continues her slow journey around the room, we see her contemplating and stroking a variety of objects: an unopened oval box, a spinning wheel, and a castle of flax, each of which shimmers under the light of her gaze with a fairy-tale delicacy.”

–George Toles

Nic Knowland came in to the film industry through stills photography in the early ‘60s. During the ‘70s he worked on programmes such as ‘Horizon’ for the BBC, as well as becoming John and Yoko’s steady cameraman, making the films Rape, Bed Peace and Imagine. He shot iconic promos including ‘Vienna’ for Ultravox, ‘Rio’ for Duran Duran and ‘Imagine’ for John Lennon. He has lensed two feature films for the Quay Brothers: Institute Benjamenta (1995) in black and white, and The Piano Tuner of Earthquakes (2005) on digital. He has also worked on many TV dramas over the years including The Final Passage (1996) for director Sir Peter Hall, for which he won a BAFTA for his cinematography. In his recent collaborations with Peter Strickland, with both Berberian Sound Studio (2012) and The Duke of Burgundy (2014), he proved to be of the best image-makers around the world through his miniscule attention to the light and detail. Nic Knowland will give a small talk about his approach, cinematography, methods, and understanding of the light as well as his cinematic and other influences.

Participant(s): Nic Knowland

Moderator(s): İlker Canıklıgil

Language: English (Turkish Simultaneous Translation)