Tech 4 Culture

British Council in collaboration with the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey, The Audience Agency and Outlandish, have curated a series of events to inspire arts and technology communities to foster digital collaborations for audience development in the cultural sector in Turkey.

  • Warm up meetings

In December 2016, British Council and the Technology Development Foundation of Turkey hosted two warm-up meetings, in Ankara and Istanbul, bringing together 50 developers, makers, technology consultants, academicians and art professionals. At the event, Cimeon Ellerton, Chief Operating Office of the Audience Agency, spoke about approaches to transforming the relationship between audiences and culture, elaborating on how technology is allowing institutions to accelerate that change and how data can help arts organisations understand audiences. 

  • Sandbox

In February 2017, the event series continued with Sandbox – a highly structured brainstorming workshop –  attended by 31 professionals and representatives from 20 different organisations from the arts and technology sectors to identify challenges in reaching wider audiences in the culture sector, and to explore digital solutions to overcome these challenges. 

  • Hackathon  

In the following phase, the challenge statements produced during the Sandbox event were adopted as the basis for a 24-hour hackathon. Among the 43 participants, 14 groups produced and pitched a concept or a digital prototype, and worked to develop a range of technology solutions, including an accessibility app aimed at providing new experiences for visually impaired visitors, and a VR app that will allow people to experience theatre remotely. 

  • Conference 

Co-curated by Simon Cronshaw, co-founder of Remix Summits and British Council in Turkey, the event series culminated with a conference to discuss barriers, explore solutions and inspire the future of culture and technology. The conference was attended by 250 arts and technology professionals, while 10,000 people watched the proceedings through Facebook Live.