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Aptis gives you an accurate insight into the English skill levels of your workforce or potential candidates.

This makes it much easier for you to:

  • recruit and promote the right people
  • focus your training on the best areas to see a return on investment
  • identify the English skills, strengths and weaknesses of your employees


  • Aptis is delivered conveniently at a location and time of your choice making it easy to schedule.
  • It is structured to assess different language skills – reading, writing, speaking and listening with grammar and vocabulary at its core.
  • You only choose what’s relevant for your business.
  • It is available for multiple mediums including tablets, computers, pen and paper, making it versatile for multiple locations.
  • You can assess different language proficiency levels from A1 to C level, enabling you to accurately assess both people with very strong and very weak levels of English in the same test and at the same time.


Adecco Poland – a branch of Adecco Global, an international leading provider of HR solutions.

Adecco used Aptis to test the English language levels of employees working at the customer-facing Welcome Centre, whose main task is to register service requests of external customers from EMEA in 11 languages.

NetSol Technologies Inc. Pakistan, an international IT provider for the finance and leasing industry

NetSol used Aptis to benchmark English language requirements for various job roles and assess employee language proficiency skills for training needs analysis to bring them up to the required level for the job role. In addition, Aptis was used for recruitment to increase the efficiency of the complete process.

GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited

GlaxoSmithKline Pakistan Limited, an industry leader in Pharmaceuticals had a need to have their sales managers assessed for English language proficiency to benchmark language proficiency for specific job roles and make it criteria for internal promotions.GSKP has established a partnership with British Council in Pakistan and has made Aptis part of the annual appraisal system for field sales staff who need to go through the test to provide their skills and eligibility for promotion.

KPMG in Egypt

KPMG, one of the largest professional services companies in the world and one of the Big Four auditors, used Aptis to test the English language skills of their current and potential employees. Aptis allowed the company to identify those employees who need further training, and those who may be suitable for an alternative role within the business.

CIMMYT (International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center) in India, Bangladesh and Mexico

 CIMMYT has purchased the Aptis tests with a focus on recruitment of new employees and benchmarking of internal employees to assess improvements. They have assessed new as well as their existing employees with Aptis as a part of their recruitment and benchmarking assessment exercise in India, Mexico and Bangladesh and plan to assess more employees and new recruits in the next few months in Kenya, Ethiopia, Nepal, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Worley Parsons in Oman

Worley Parsons, a resources & energy company in Oman provides expertise in engineering, procurement and offers a wide range of consulting and advisory service. The company used Aptis test to assess the English language proficiency of the prospected candidates as part of the recruitment process.