My name is Ahmet Kemal E. I’ve been working as a captain for 10 years but am now in the midst of a radical career change as I’ve decided to switch from maritime to civil aviation. It is at this point that the IELTS test and, indirectly, the British Council have entered my life. I would like to hereby share my own experiences with the computer delivered IELTS test and its advantages. 

With its experience, reliability and quality, the British Council is a pioneer in the IELTS test. In light of my own experience and references from others, I can say that the British Council is an indispensable institution in this regard. I preferred the computer delivered IELTS test primarily because I wanted quick results and because it helps me better concentrate on certain components of the test. The word count appears on the screen in the ‘Writing’ section of the computer delivered IELTS test, which is much more convenient than the paper based  IELTS exam and lets you remain in control. The ‘Reading’ and ‘Listening’ components allow us to understand the text more quickly and re-read it as necessary. The ability to hear from high-quality headphones significantly reduces the likelihood mistakes, which is a major advantage. In addition, the fact that the test results are announced in five to seven days ensures you can quickly provide your results to the institution to which you are applying. 

In my experience, there was nothing negative in the computer delivered IELTS test; however, it may be unfamiliar to those who are used to taking notes or using a pencil and paper. Registration for the computer delivered IELTS test takes a maximum ten minutes. The interface is easily accessible and everything is clearly stated, ensuring that the process is very quick. The test centre and employees were very friendly and sincere. They empathise with you and solve your problems. 

As promised, the results are made available five days after the test and can be easily accessed online. On the following work day, your results are delivered by courier to your address in hard copy format. Honestly, I didn’t encounter any negativity or experience any unexpected issues while booking a test, at the test centre or after the test. And, the quality of the British Council is all there to see. I would recommend the computer delivered IELTS test to all candidates because of its quick results, accessibility, its easy-to-navigate webpage interface for booking and results, and its convenience. 

I hope your dreams come true as soon as possible.