I am Aslı Ç. and I am a professional volleyball player. This year, I will graduate from TED Istanbul College. I received a full athletic scholarship from a US university, and I will continue my education there.

I took the IELTS test because the school I applied was looking for IELTS results in measuring language proficiency level. As someone who previously took an IELTS test on pen and paper-based exam, the most important reason for me to choose computer-delivered IELTS was that my results were quickly announced in five days.

Computer-delivered IELTS testing fulfilled my expectations. Especially in the ‘Reading’ part, it was a great convenience for me to be able to see the questions and texts at the same time, side by side, and highlight the parts that I found to be critical. Compared to the pen and paper based IELTS exam, the only disadvantage of the computer-delivered testing seemed to be that you would not get an extra ten minutes to write down the answers in the ‘Listening’ part. You had to write down the answers as soon as you heard them. 

The registration process for the test was simple and easy. The employees were also very helpful. I received my results within the specified time and haven’t experienced any problems. To my pleasure, the whole process was completed exactly as advertised. 

I would recommend computer delivered IELTS to everyone since the test results are announced quickly and you have the opportunity to write down the answers rapidly with a keyboard. Since time is a major factor in the IELTS exam, the keyboard saves time and provides a great deal of convenience.