IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS:1. ’The British Council Turkey IELTS test centre has no further places for the April and May 2014 sessions – but IELTS testing does continue in Turkey. Should you require an IELTS test in the near future, please visit for further information.’

2. IELTS and the YDS equivalence in Turkey: media statement

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) remains a secure and reliable test that is widely recognized in Turkey. It provides a fair, accurate and relevant assessment of language skills based on well-established standards and covers the full range of ability, from beginner through to a very high level of proficiency.

IELTS Partner Spokesperson said:
IELTS remains valid and is still recognized for all non YDS purposes in Turkey including entry to undergraduate courses and for the workplace opportunities. We are working towards IELTS inclusion in future revisions of the YDS equivalency table to ensure even more people have the opportunity to take IELTS in Turkey.

Validity and security have always been top priorities for the IELTS partners, who directly administer all IELTS tests in Turkey. Fair and consistent delivery of the test is ensured by secure technology and the continual monitoring of examiners and test results as well as test centre management and facilities.

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