Researcher Links

Researcher Links

The programme aims to encourage international research collaboration between ambitious young researchers from the UK and Turkey. Researcher Links consists of workshops and travel grants, both with a focus on early career researchers – find out more below.

Researcher Links Travel Grants

Researcher Links Travel Grants Applications Now Open: 18 April – 27 June 2016. Apply here. 

  • Read the Travel grants guidelines below 

This element of Researcher Links provides financial support for early career researchers in the UK to spend up to six months in Turkey, or for researchers from Turkey to come to the UK. The aim is to enhance and strengthen links for future collaboration, build research capacity in developing economies, and enhance the researchers’ career opportunities.  

See below the previous winners of Researcher Links Travel Grants.

Researcher Links Workshops Grants

Researcher Links Workshops Applications Now Open: 18 April – 27 June 2016. Apply here.

  • Read the Workshops grants guidelines below 

This element of Researcher Links provides financial support to bring together a UK/Turkey bilateral cohort of early career researchers to take part in a workshop focusing on building links for future collaboration and enhancing the researchers’ career opportunities. Workshops are coordinated by two leading researchers, one from each country, and focus on either a specific research area or an interdisciplinary theme.

See below the previous winners of Workshops Grants.

Invitation for Participants to Workshops

April 2015 Researcher Links Workshops Grants successful applicants list may be downloaded at the bottom of this page. The individual workshops have now made the announcement to invite participants to take part in these workshops. If you are an early-career researcher based in Turkey or the UK you may apply for a grant to participate in the workshops.

To find out more details and access the application forms for these workshops please follow the link. 



What is Official Development Assistance (ODA)?

In order to be qualified under the Newton - Katip Çelebi Fund programme, your proposal must clearly articulate a plausible pathway to positive impact of the research on the lives of low-income populations and to a contribution to the economic development and social welfare of Turkey within a reasonable time frame (3-15 years). If the proposal does not meet this essential criterion, it will not be considered as eligible.

For guidance on ODA eligibility please visit our website.

Newton - Katip Çelebi Fund & TÜBİTAK

Please visit the Newton - Katip Çelebi Fund TÜBİTAK web page for more information.

Newton Fund Homepage

Please visit the Newton Fund homepage for information on different programmes available to researchers.

How can I find a partner in the UK?

If you are seeking help in connecting with academics and institutions in the UK you may visit our Application Support Page where you will find a number of resources that are available for potential Newton Fund applicants in their search for collaborations.