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Learn English online with the British Council in Turkey

The British Council does not provide face-to-face English language courses in Turkey but we have a wide range of free online resources to help you improve your English. We have videos, mobile apps, games, stories, listening activities and grammar exercises for adults, teenagers and children on our global learner websites.


7-BC_UK_MMU_207Learn English with activities

You can learn English online with the British Council’s free website for adult learners. The site contains hundreds of pages of audio, text and video content and over 2,000 interactive exercises. You can become a member, interact with other users and download free resources. Visit the LearnEnglish website.


LE with games 200x113Learn English with games

You can learn English while having fun with games and hundreds of illustrated jokes. You can find games for all tastes to help you practise your English or just to have fun. Play, enjoy and learn with LearnEnglish Fun and Games.


Learn-English-Audio-VideoLearn English with audio and video

We have lots of audio and video materials for language practice. The materials include podcast stories, a series of English language teaching TV programmes produced with the BBC and videos that show how to say things correctly in very different situations. Go to LearnEnglish Listen and Watch.


LearnEnglish mobile appsLearn English on your mobile

The British Council has developed a wide range of mobile apps for learning English for different devices such as iPhone, iPad, Nokia and Android. The apps include podcasts, a soap opera, games and exercises to help you improve your grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Visit Learn English Mobile


Madrid-Location-132-200x113Learn English for kids

LearnEnglish Kids is a website for children who are learning English. Kids can have fun with songs, stories, videos, grammar and vocabulary games and lots of other activities. The activities are designed for children to do on their own or with friends, parents and teachers. Visit LearnEnglish Kids.


Turkey-Having-Fun 200x113Learn English for teens

Are you a teenager learning English or are your teenage children studying English? This website is designed especially for 13-to-17-year-olds. They can find language practice, exams tips and help with grammar and vocabulary, as well as fun activities, videos, games and puzzles. Go to LearnEnglish Teens.


business-english-200x113Business English

Do you already speak English but would like to improve your business English? Do you wonder if your business English is up to standard? Would you like to apply for international jobs where English is the language of work? We have the right resources to help you improve your business English.


premier-skills-website-200x1131Premier Skills English

If you are learning English and are interested in football, Premier Skills English can help you improve your English while you learn about the Premier League clubs and players. You can also find out about the matches and the Premier League rules and play games and do quizzes. Go to Premier Skills English.